Friday, July 3, 2009

thrifting madness

Three days in a row we've been to flea markets, second hand shops and antique dealers. Here are some of our finds.

We are starting the renovation of our kitchen this month and the fabric above will be a sweet table cloth in the new kitchen. The "three-days-in-a-row-thrifting is a result of our quest for kitchen furniture. We will combine old and new somehow, we haven't really made up our minds yet. But we have found great inspiration and I want to thank Aja at Lundagård for advicing me to visit the keepers of anno.fi. They keep all their items on an old farm near Vasa and we visited them yesterday. That was a very inspring visit!

Here are the smaller things we brought home from Tölby (we have reserved a store sideboard as well):
We believe that the glass pipe, that is to be inside the pitcher, is for storing ice to cool the drink. Anybody know for sure or have other suggestions?

A small glass saucer with a painted doily. Sweet.
I have collected odd cups and saucers for a long time and two days ago I found my favourite pattern in a new colour. The brown striped cup I've had before and the green ones are new. The only cost me 20 cent a cup. I am not sure I found the right saucers since they were seperated, but I found two (10 cent each) that are similar to the one for the brown cup. I think they are Arabia, are they?


Lundagård said...

Härliga resebilder och kul att ni hittade grejer vid anno, de har massa fint! Här går man - vilken tjusig!

ingridviola said...

oj, va snygga mönster!

maria. said...

A vill ha herr Gårman! Verkligt fin. Och jag avundas kaffekopparna. Själv ska jag börja sälja på loppis imorgon... Sen kanske det blir tomt någonstans så det ryms in nya begagnade grejer! kram.