Saturday, June 27, 2009

he makes me happy

My man came home yesterday and started putting things on the table from a shopping bag.
I knew he had been shopping food. I loved the colours and shapes of the vegetables and fruits.

Then he gave me three roses.
He took out a box of sweets. Before he arrived home he called and told me to put coffee on warm, so I expected something sweet. He brought chocolates and these very tasty sweets.
Then he continues to reveal things from the shopping bag. I have for a long time now wanted to buy Moomin cups, but not felt I had the extra money for it. My man knew this and had additional meaning to his buying. He said: sometimes you're like Little My on this cup, up in the air, always doing something...
sometimes you are crafting something...
mostly you are (and look like) like Mymlan.

Oh how happy he makes me!

And yes it is my birthday today (big round numbers:)! My man went to Åland for a gig early this morning, so he wanted to celebrate me yesterday. He also made a delicious salad I want to add! (He also brought me two movies, and earlier he had bought me a vintage poster, I'll show you that one later!)

Today me and E are off to Kronoby, I have a gig tonight.

All the best to you for the weekend!

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Susann said...

Jättegrattiskramar på födelsedan!! ...och lycka till med spelningen, men det går säkert galant! :)