Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am on a sewing roll

Last week my husband was away for several days, leading band workshops for church musicians (!), so in my lonliness I started sewing. It was a good lonliness I want to add.

The first night, after son E had gone to sleep, I refashioned hubby's old worn out jeans into baggy pants for E.

I was a bit optimistic thinking I would not have to make any changes to the hip, except for the rubber band in the waist. They ended up being HUGE on the little fella'. Baggy indeed:) But it was a good refashion exercise!

The next evening I made a doorstop. A bag made out of one piece of fabric, filled with brown beans. I am proud of the handle.

I tried to feed the beans into the bag with the help of a funnel, but they got stuck in the pipe. By hand was the way to go!

And in action! Very pleased with the result of this project.

After two nights I stopped sewing. I twisted my ankle going outdoors on the third morning of my being home alone with E so I was mostly inspired to sit calmly on the couch that evening.

But I do have one more sewing project to show; classic brace trousers (are they called that?). The pattern is from the book Baby Cool. Easy pattern but it needs alterations. These are the "try out pants", they do not fit perfectly, but I think E will wear them.

I got to use my bias tape maker once more, and I do really love sewing bias tape! Don't they look like gardener trousers, colour and all:)!

Have a good Tuesday!


Michele at A House Called Nut said...

That doorstop is gorgeous! Somehow I think I misread your comment on my blog and thought you were using the jeans for the doorstop as well. But with that gorgeous fabric, the real version is much nicer than my imagined one!

Those cute little trousers are called overalls :)

malinjohanna said...

Roligt att se dörrstoppen, jag har också tänkt på en sån. Såg den i någon bok. Vi har haft en sten, men dottern vill så gärna greja med, eller äta på, den...

Anonymous said...

supertuffa jeans. såna skulle jag också gärna ha. baggy på sommaren är ju härligt. /monica

Tre rum said...

Vad du kan! Dörrstoppen är så snygg. Mina sykunskaper sträcker sig till att sy raksöm och sicksack. Men det är ungefär vad min usla symaskin klarar av också :)
/Tant Brun

maria. said...

Men så snygga saker du gör! Vart månne jag ska skicka min gitarr-make - finns det fler kyrkomusiker som behöver få spela? Alone-time verkar ju löna sig :) Allt gott till er - jag har nu SOMMARLOV (jobbar som lärare igen i mkt trevlig skola ute på vischan)! kram.

MUS said...

what a nice doorstop! great idea. and i love the green overall.