Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a beautiful home

I had a cup of tea with my friend Fia the other day. She and her boyfriend Nicke has bought a lovely appartment in an old treehouse in Vaasa. They have renovated it thoroughly and beautyfully and I just had to take pictures for inspiration. Here is a tour of their appartment:

The kitchen:F and N have designed the fire place themselves, it was custom built into the kitchen.

Fia herself and the tea cup, in the kitchen with wallpaper from the fantastic Hanna Werning.

The bedroom:

The livingroom:
F has refashioned an old table by placing old magazine covers under the glass board. The magazines were found in the appartment while they tore the plastic carpets off the floor. A pretty valuable find and a beautiful arrangement!

Details from the bathroom:

Thank you for an inspiring home!


Sandra said...

Hej Soffa!!!

Urtjusigt hem detdär! Speciellt köket och sovrummet är helt i min smak! :D

Hoppas ni har det riktigt bra alla tre! :)
Här ser vi fram emot en ny körstart!!

H. Sandra och Daniel

livetsomfamilj said...

Åh, sicken fin lägenhet din kompis har.

Short-e said...

How lovely. Now I am homesick for Vaasa and all you lovely Fins. Jatte Stor Kram! xxx

syko kajsa said...

Så fint de har det! Känner Fia sedan barndomen, hennes mamma var min dagistant i Sibbo för länge sen!