Saturday, January 31, 2009

thrift finds january

Fabrics for clothing and nursing bags.

Maybe a new dress for me or a pyjamas for E.

Fabrics, som for a specific project.

Finally! I found a lovely pair of vintage shoes! They are my size and trés comfortables!

Good color shirt for refashioning and vintage buttons.

And look at this beauty! I did not open the fabric in the thrift shop, I loved the colour and the black patterns to it, so for 2 euros I immediately put it in my shopping basket. When I got home and opened up the folded canvas I found elephants! This is half the length of one curtain. The pattern is repeated on the bottom half. I just love it!


ida said...

åååh, dom skorna är helt ljuvliga!

Anonymous said...

Simply lööööve the shoes!! Kanske man får låna någon gång... :) syster