Wednesday, February 18, 2009

utställningen 2008

I participated in an exhibition - Utställningen 2008 - over at Juniform blog. Over 50 talented crafters are today being presented with their creation. I am ashamed because I should have been blogging about this before Christmas, but... well I have no acceptable excuses.

My contribution is a crocheted reflector. Practical and wearable art. That's the way I like it! I am thrilled to give my creation forward to another person that participated, and very thrilled to receive a creation myself from one of the participants.

I received this beautiful painting from the talented Bettina Johansson. I had been sneaking around her blog and secretly wished to receive her art from the exhibition. Sometimes your wishes do come true:).

Head on over to Juniform's blog and behold all crafty goodness!

Have a good Thursday!


Lillnea said...

Jag har svårt att hitta reflexer jag gillar men den här var jätteläcker! När ska du börja sälja dem och till vilket pris?

Petra C said...

Vilken underbar idé! Vad duktiga alla utställare är!
Nu ska jag mingla vidare. :)

sara said...

sälj sånna så fiiiiiiiiiin!