Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lovely gifts and fair preparations

I have received some pretty sweet gifts in November that I have not shown you. Not that I have to, but this is one way for me to say I am very grateful to the givers.

After the Jack Dalton Orchestra concert I received a box of hand made chocolate pralines from the "BMB" girls. Thank you very much, I love chocolate!!!

My sister went on a trip to Ireland and Italy with some friends. She got me these floral baking cases, muscovado sugar and clove sweets from Dublin. She had not read my cupcake paper-post before she bought the gift, so it was extra special to receive it:)I participated in a give away organized by the talented seamstress A-K and won this cap. I love the way it suites my newly cut and darkened hairdo. It is very comfortable as well. I have a hard time finding a good cap for my head, but I really like this one. It is made from vintage fabric.

Our living room literally looks like a dump, but it is only me prepairing for the fairs... I am behnd schedule so now I will not write any more. I have to get to work!

If you wish to see my crafts you can visit my hut at Kvinnornas julmässa, this Saturday December 6th, in the old Handelsläroverket on Krutkällarvägen in Vasa. The fair opens from 10 am.

All the best to you on this Thursday.


malinjohanna said...

Hej! Alltid fina bilder i din blogg, fastän det så handlar om kaos i vardagsrummet. Ville bara påpeka att du har fel datum för Kvinnornas julmarknad. Lycka till med skapandet och kommersen!

jonna said...

Soffa du är så duktig! Fattar inte varifrån du får all kreatvitet :)