Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas decorations year 2009

Last year I made one or several posts about Christmas decorations. This year I'll make one or several too! I was crazy about crafting decorations last year (pretty sure it was the amount of hormones my body was attacked by that caused the craze!), but I haven't been that active crafting this year. But there are still days left before Christmas Eve!

Here are my favourites for this year:

Dried oranges
For decorating gifts, wreaths or table centerpieces.
Keep in the oven on aprox 100°C for a few hours.

Lace candle holders
I made these to sell at the fairs I attended. I love them!

Apple and cinnamon scented decorations
A great decoration idea from one of my favourite bloggers: Underbara Clara!
Cut two apples in thin slices. Paint them with lemon juice to keep them from staining. Dry flat on a tray in a warm place for a couple of days.

Beautiful wrapping paper
From Clas Ohlson!

Candle and berries
On the livingroom table.

Chandelier with juniper twigs

Vintage Christmas curtains
I made the curtains from a vintage bed sheet with lace. I cut the sheet in half, longside, and sewed the edges. Simple and very pretty!

Since shopping in Helsinki and Turku (and tomorrow IKEA) I have a lot of new ideas to craft!

What is your favourite Christmas decoration?

Next week it is time for Christmas sweets!

All the best to you!


Yaritza said...

Wow..! You are so talented.. I love Christmas cookies.

maria said...

Favorit-julgrej: våra vita stjärnor i fönstren och mina nisse-tomtar (med höga smala strut-luvor). Saknar: hyacinter, men jag prioriterar trots allt att min man kan andas. Just och just, haha!