Thursday, November 6, 2008


I recently posted about our neglected garden. Well I did something outdoors with plants two days ago. Hooray! Me and E were outside for a couple of hours (it might not have been that long at all, but just so I can appear as a very outdoor-y, handy with plants kind of person we'll say a couple of hours:) and did some flower arrangements. Or, E was sleeping in the pram and I was working, he is still so young so I believe him when he says he is too tired to do chores.

I wouldn't get the Nobel prize in flower arrangement with my work, but I am satisfied with the result, concidering the materials I had at hand. I am really happy I got it done!

I walk in my felted slippers all day, indoors and outdoors!

And finally, a riddle for you folks (in a nostalgic Brasse from Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter-manner):
Which item is to be removed from the following picture?

All is prepared for autumn, exept for the fact that the grill is still standing in our front yard. Who forgot to put it away into the garage??!

Have a blessed weekend!


malin said...

himlen! alltså första bilden! för där finns inget som är rött! Hoppas jag vinner ära och berömmelse :)

sara said...

å vilken liten suddig sötnos. Fint blev det och höstigt. Jag gillar dina tofflor totalt. Trevlig helg med mycket frukostmums! //Sara
ps: grillen ska bort om ni inte ska grilla julskinka på den eller gås, här i skåne är det snart mårtengås o då äter man just gås!