Thursday, November 27, 2008

Busy weeks

We've had busy weeks. Upcoming concerts demand practice and rehearsals. I am also crafting for two upcoming craft fairs that I will be attending (Kvinnornas julmässa and Julbasar på Skafferiet@Ritz). I'll show you pictures of what I'll be selling soon.

This is what is taking up most of our concentration right now; the Jack Dalton Orchestra Vinyl Release Concert. This Saturday, November 29th (be sure to get your ticket at pre-sale StudioTicket or buy it at the door on Saturday) one of the biggest shows Vasa has seen will be held at Ritz. At most fifteen musicians will share the stage.
(Click on the picture to listen to our music!)

Dressmaker Sofia Sandin has made band apparel, including a fabulous dress for me! It's so cool having a dress made for you. I found all fabric for the dress in my thrifted stash. Recycling at its best!

Another concert being held in the near future is the Singer/Songwriter Night at DooBop Club, December 13th at 10 pm. Three women singing their hearts out. I am honored to be singing in the company of Jonna Wikblad and Charlotta Kerbs, two very talented song makers and singers.

Great expectations!


Ika said...

Biljetter inköpta, och jag ser verkligen fram emot morgondagens konsert! Ni har gjort ett bra jobb med att marknadsföra den i mängden, för det finns faktsikt två andra konserter under lördagskvällen som jag väldigt gärna hade gått på.

sus said...

Hoppas allt gick fint i lördags, snopet att vi inte hade nån barnvakt!