Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A royal touch and a "thank you so far"

I put a royal touch to my knitted vest yesterday. I fastened purple hair clips to my head and painted purple shadow on my eye lids and wanted some more purple on me (since everything else was dully denim blue and grey). Quickly I made this brooch; satin ribbon and a fake glass brooch was all it took to make me feel as if I had gotten a medal of honor or something by a queen. Then I was all purpled up for my mother-child group meeting!

I want to say thank you so far for all your comments. I love getting to know you and read about your inspirations, I get all inspired myself! Keep on stopping by and saying hello!

Lovely weather here in Vaasa today! Soon a walk with E in the sunshine.



Anonymous said...

Is there something behind all the purple, that as an American, I don't know about?

BTW...I absolutely love how E. is practically busting out of the orange sweater (a post a few days back)! SO CUTE!!!


malinjohanna said...

Hej! Jag skulle vilja göra ett byte med dig, om du är intresserad. Önskar mig ett av dina tovade hjärtan att hänga som blickfång för Beije, matchande barnvagnen, och erbjuder ett valfritt plagg åt E. Vad sägs?

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Fia Lotta,
Blogisi on hyvin kaunis. Pidin siitä.
Terveisin Brasiliasta: