Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 1€/piece box

I had the good fortune to find several 1€/piece boxes today. I had one hour to myself to walk around in the city centre.

In one super market I found these goods, very much needed for coming craft projects!

In a little shop of yarns and sewing supplies I found a 1€ bin and in it these lovely yarns. They are made from leftover yarn that the keeper of the shop winded up into balls again. Love the texture of the orange yarn. The fabric onto where the yarn is resting is a gift from my sister. She bought it at ikea but did not have use for it. Nice graphics on it.

Hope you have a sunny Tuesday where you are!

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Lisa said...

hej och tack:) jo, tavlan är eget verk. det tog sin tid att klippa ut alla bokstäver. jag tyckte dock om citatet som jag såg i en inredningstidning så jag ville verkligen ha det på min sida av arbetsrummet. du är varmt välkommen att titta in närhelst du vill:)kram