Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Material memories

I've been longing for something to hang my necklaces on. Ikea had just the thing I wanted and to a good price. Only one of my own handmade necklaces has climbed the tree so far.

I love supermarkets, in the sale bin you can find cheap designer rip off stuff. I love this candle holder. And the whole "put the pieces together yourself" is charming!

My husband bought me jeans (thanks luv!) and I found a Monki store in Norrköping. I really like their clothes!

This was another gift from hubby: a nursing bracelet. There are numbers all around the bracelet for time, you move the metal heart to the time you started breats feeding and then you slip the bracelet on to the wrist on the same side as the breast you fed from. That way you know which boob to nurse from next dinner time. All you mothers know how dizzy one gets when breast feeding, so this is a memory saver.

I also got some metal hoops from a thrift shop for future crafts. An some eatable memories as well, like Falksalt with lemon flavour and 2 dl juice boxes, cause I can't find them in Finland.

All the best to you all.

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Hanna said...

du hittade ditt vita träd! :)
känner dessutom igen krämen invid trädet, hehe!
allt gott,