Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fascinated by: Cupcakes

I am fascinated by the phenomenon called cupcakes. It is not as common in Finland as it seems to be in the US of A, just to mention one country, to make and eat them. From several of the blogs I read I get tons of inspiration (and a craving for the sweet creations:) to make my own. Yesterday was syjunta time at my house and I baked some kladdkaka muffins with red currants and topped them off with lemon custard and the same berries as mentioned earlier in this sentence.

E was matching the cupcakes. Sweet!

More inspiration and to tickle your tongue:
Cupcake Bakeshop by Chokylit
Cupcakes Take The Cake

There are a lot of Swedish blogs and sites about cupcakes:
I found this lovely blog called Baka en koppkaka (bake a cupcake)
And then there is the site Dagens Muffin.
Another cupcake blog: A piece of cupcake.

And then there are the ones you cannot eat but they are still tastefull:
Betz White's Cupcake Tape Measures

We are going to Sweden this weekend to visit my brother in law. A big van, my extended family, new places to see, all in all a good recipe for making sweet memories!

I wish you all a good weekend!


maria said...

Ännu mera som ser supergott ut - du borde öppna muffinscafé! Ha en trevlig resa!

cuileann said...

Those are so beautiful!

Hanna said...

Kolla in http://holysweet.blogspot.com/ för riktigt ruskigt fina cupcakes å andra bakverk. :)