Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh no!

Look what has happened to my make up bag! It got run over by a car. My husband drove the car. The worst part is that it is my own fault the bag got run over... I'll let it be unsaid why. My mascara was spared. Good.



nikkishell said...

Thank goodness the mascara escaped the fate of the rest of your make-up bag! Well at least you get to buy some new make-up :)

akalija said...

Vilken keikka igår! Oj, vad jag njöt av den å det såg ut som att ni också gjorde det!
Jag hade inte kontant med, jag sku vilja köpa en pinssi å singeln å... har ni affischer?


Johanna Rose said...

Oh.. sympathy! You poor thing.

But it is a little bit amusing.

"What happened to your makeup bag?!"
"Oh.. it got run over.."