Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy week

Last week and weekend was packed with adventures. On Thursday we went to Helsinki to go see the Springsteen concert on Friday evening. Very good! We also had time to visit our good friends K and Y and their lovely daughter A.

On Saturday an early train back to Vaasa and car trip to Kronoby to sing at my childhood friend S's wedding. Great wedding party, at the couple's home farm.

Me and E stayed in Kronoby at my parent's home until today. We came back to Vaasa to visit the Vaasa Housing Fair. Husband P played there in one of the houses (number 15) with Foggy Dew, a band that plays Irish folk music.

Baby E followed me through all adventures and he was calm and happy through them all:) My sister came to Helsinki on Friday to babysit E while we rocked with Bruce, she's an angel and I am very grateful.

P spent the weekend in Estonia, playing a gig and visiting his friend's home island Hiiumaa. I want to show some of the photos he took from a light house, I was mezmerized by them!

Good week to you all!

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