Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thrift finds

It has been a while since I've made fine finds at a thrift store, but yesterday I was really happy with what I brought home!

A flowery summer dress that I will refashion. (The fashion trend right now seems to be to take out the hideous flowery dresses you wore at the final day of "högstadiet", the dresses you would like to forget!)

Washing cloths for future craft projects. The one-colored green cloth is a vintage Tampella. Me like!

A lovely soft cotton fabric, perfect for a summer tunic for E!

A woven throw, perfect for summer picnics. Lovely colors and texture!

And my favourite find; ceramics from the 1970's. The Arabia series was called Kilta then, but soon became Teema. I've been longing for new breakfast cereal bowls and finally I found them! Two small cups in the same series came along.


Tonight I will visit the tv-recordings my husband is involved in. "Fångad av en sång" is taking place at Åminne Folkpark in Malax and tonight Louise Hoffsten is one of the artists. I like her! I will go there with my good friends J and T. My husband is one of the guitarist in the house band.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

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maria said...

Det bruna Kilta-porslinet börjar tydligen dyka upp på loppisar nu, jag har också fått flera olika fat och koppar på sistone. Min mamma går regelbundet (ofta) och fyndar massor! Det positiva med Kilta/Teema är ju att man kan blanda alla färger och nytt med gammalt. God design består! kram.