Monday, June 16, 2008

A spur-of-the-moment project

Not so many days ago I saw a problem that needed to be solved. I had put up a lamp in our hallway for Christmas. I hung a paper star as lampshade, but that one is now out of season, so I took it down and was left with a naked light bulb hanging in the window.
I saw this paper lying on my desk. A gift for little E had been wrapped in it. In the true spirit of recycling and DIY I had an epiphany; this was going to solve my problem!

I took some aluminium thread to make two loops, one for each end of the lampshade. Then I wrapped the paper around the loops.

I attached the paper to the loops with thread and stitches.

But then I realized another problem: do I dare to leave the light on? I do not know if this lampshade is fire safe... Well at least it looks good in day light!

Happy crafting!
And happy week to y'all!

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Sandra said...

Åååh, jättefin!! :D