Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fascinated by: Eraser Stamps

(photo from Geninne's Art Blog)

This is what I would like to try out soon; eraser stamps! On Geninne's Art Blog you can follow a good tutorial and get lots of inspiration for making your own eraser stamps. I am so inspired by all the crafty people out there!!!

My current WIP; work in progress, is a shirt for making it easier for me to breast feed. When I was pregnant I only used long sweaters that reached over my bump. Now those sweaters are a drag, when I need to feed little E I am struggling to get the sweater pulled up over my bust, and it is hard since the sweater's so long that I am sitting on the hem...! My friend C warmly recommended simple button up shirts, but since I do not like (nor do I feel comfortable in) those kinds of shirts I decided to make my own version of a nursing button up tunic made out of an old men's shirt. More on that later.

Have a good Thursday!


Ulla said...

Lovely stamps you have made! - There was a super-easy breast-feeding T-shirt pattern in Suuri Käsityölehti 3/2007 (you'll find it in the library). The front part is made of two pieces, the top overlaps the lower part about 10 cm, so you keep your tummy covered and lift the top hem for feeding.

fia lotta jansson said...

Hello Ulla
And thank you for the t-shirt pattern tip!
I need to say it is not me who have made the stamps on the picture (I put a note where I took the picture from) I can't take credit for someone elses beautiful crafting, though I would not mind!

All the best to you!