Friday, April 4, 2008

Wrist warmers and today's doings

When we were in Stockholm my sister bought a leather jacket, but she hasn't worn it yet cause the sleeves are a bit too short. And the spring in Finland isn't that warm that you can walk outdoors without wrist warmers if your sleeves are short. So she asked me to make a pair for her. And here they are! Took me about two days and 10 episodes of Sex and the City to finish them:) O, yes, I am on mother leave and my favorite thing is to watch dvd and knit!

(she wanted to be able to "roll up the sleeves")

The wrist warmers were finished yesterday. Today I have been shopping; shelves for the baby's room, salt for the garden, good bread, a top and a bra for myself, two magazines of The Phantom for my hubby from the thrift store, and some other thrifted stuff for me. I also had a good cake at a coffee house together with a fellow pregnant. Oh, and then I bought some chocolate (good old Fazer, milk chocolate with berries:), that I will eat together with my sister tonight. But before that I will heat the sauna and treat myself with a little home spa. Grand!

How did you spend your day?



Christina said...

I'm knitting too! It's the lovely Titania top pattern. Also watching Beowulf on DVD and spending too much time on Ravelry!

maria said...

absolutely no knitting here... Jag tror helt seriöst att man föds som stickare eller så inte. Och om inte så kan man aldrig bli en, för man har helt enkelt inte tålamod nog att hålla på. Jag skulle gärna vara en stickare, men föddes tyvärr med andra gåvor istället. Men jag avundas dina fina handledsvärmare! kram.