Friday, April 11, 2008

Thrift finds and Friday sweets

I've had time and strength to go thrifting this week. I haven't found that much, but I have a few goodies I want to show you!Badges for my husband, he collects funny and cool ones. These are not that cool, but pretty funny. The red one, with a big A on it (it is actually an Å) is the badge of the sports association that my hubby trained for as a younger athlete, IF Åsarna in Kronoby:)

Of course some baby clothes; a bed sheet with farm motifs (love it as I am a farm girl:), an old h&m sweater with red dots, a Moomin body that I might refashion and purple dotted Marimekko shorts.
This beautifully colored and patterned blanket is becoming some kind of clothing for the baby, I think. I had a nap on it today, had to sleep on the floor 'cause the hubby had occupied the sofa:)And it must have been meant for me to buy, because there is an S embroidered in one corner!

Tonight I will spend my evening home alone. Husband has a gig. I am looking forward to just relaxing on the sofa. Yesterday evening I had a bad craving for sweets, but did not have any, so today I've bought heaps.
If there is candy with a cow on it I want it (since I am a farm girl!).Have a nice Friday and a good weekend!


Tegsta G�rd said...

As I'm also a farmgirl I totally understand what you mean! And to quote a slogan from my childhood, that I'll never forget : "Ät inhemskt och må gott":)
With the conclusion; if you drink milk and eat vegetables nothing will go wrong.

Ulla said...

You may be too young to remember but there have been Finnish (Fazer?) "lehmäkarkkeja" or cow candy, later they had a name Maija. There was a little girl and a cow or the wrap. They were delicious, much better than Omar.