Monday, April 7, 2008

Obsessions and studio sessions

Knitting obsession; and I do love this yarn, Jätti Raita (Giant Stripe) by Novita, and its colors. This project I started after the wrist warmers. And Maria, I know your other gifts (since you do not knit) and I envy your crafts and creations!

Kalle's Caviar is an obsession. Need to have it on my sandwich every day!

Putting the vocals on yet another song for my solo album and being totally pregnant:) 37 weeks and 3 days (out of an estimated 40 weeks) to be exact. Here I am in the cozy home studio of producer and friend Stefan.

Another Monday has passed.
Good night to you all!


MalinJohanna said...

Åh, det är inte mycket kvar nu. Spännande! Medan du väntar kan du ändra länken till min sida. Finns nu på http://malinjohanna.wordpress.com

Ulla said...

Your socks look great! Your pattern makes the foot part well fitted and it will stay in place without wrinkles in boots.
The bread looks delicious! Looks like the crispy dried bread I like best.

maria said...

Tack så mycket omnämnandet i din blogg - jag känner mig hedrad! Ja visst är det tur att alla är bra på olika saker. Vad vore världen om det bara fanns stickare?