Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life outdoors

Yesterday my husband treated me with a picnic out on our terass; coffee and "lussekatter" from the fridge. Sun, warm winds and good company, just what a pregnant woman likes:)!(me, looking my most content)

A few days back we salted our yard, the gravel path, so we wont have weed growing where we don't want it growing. Later I watered the gravel path, so the salt would drain into the earth. Hopefully we will see a good result, it was about 5 kilos of salt we spread out...

Have any of you managed to exterminate weed from your gravel path?


1 comment:

Sandra said...

He går nog me salt... Iallafall på en del ogräs funkar det :)
Annars finns det ett medel som heter "roundup" som är väldigt effektivt mot ogräs, men kanske inte så miljövänligt. :P Annars är ju kaniner också bra ;)