Friday, April 25, 2008

Creativity and imagination

When I was was a child growing up, I remember me, my siblings and friends playing a lot. We made up games, plays, built stuff and let our imagination run free. I also loved drawing, making books, cooking with mud (mostly I imagined I had my own Tv-show:), using all kinds of materials to create things. I grew up in the country, on a farm, so there were materials and space enough to nurture my creativity and imagination.

I also remember grown ups supporting my creativity, alongside my friends. I hope to be that kind of a grown up to my kids and that kind of a friend to my friends. It has been valuable to me.

I bought Amanda Soule Blake's book The Creative Family. I got thrown back to good memories from my own childhood and encouraged to keep on being creative with my own child/children. Blake has also got a blog, Soule Mama, where you can get inspiration.

Malakta Maja has written about playing and about fantasy in her last posts on her blog and she also inspired me to think about how important creativity and creating is.

Never let children stop playing and imagining! Do not let grown ups stop either!


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