Thursday, April 17, 2008

Books and bump

I love the library, and yesterday I got to borrow these nice books. The one on top, Virkattu (=Crocheted) has the most beautiful layout I've seen in a long time. Simple project, but wonderful pictures!
I have a big bump now and I am really enjoying that. Good that I can appreciate it now 'cause soon there'll be no bump no more. Tomorrow I am 39 weeks into the pregnancy and the baby might pop out at any time now! Looking forward to meeting our child!



Emma said...

Håller tummarna och hoppas allt går bra! Stor kram från helsingfors! Emma K

Ulla said...

Lovely bump! I never got to the week 39 in my 3 pregnancies, so it really might be any day now. Good luck!
We really have good libraries and craft books are my favourite books to borrow: they can be very expensive and you maybe like just one or two things in the book. Better go to the library.

nikkishell said...

Looking good girl!

MalinJohanna said...

Där är ju din rödrandiga! Fint, jag tycker det är så fint med stora magar. Själv saknade jag min efter förlossningen och förstod nog inte riktigt sambandet mellan graviditeten och bebisen före på eftergranskningen... Lycka till!

Christina said...

Wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl?
Hope it all goes well for you and babba!