Sunday, April 20, 2008

April FO's

Here are my Finished Objects of April:

Refashioned T-shirt.
A big and old thrifted Nanso T-shirt, cut and sewed in A-line with puffy fly sleeves.
Socks with giant stripes.

Colorful bird mobile. I finally use fabrics from my stash!
Coat for the baby's bed (the bed made out of the box I got with all the clothes and stuff for the baby).
I made an extra layer of fabric and put an elastic band in the hem . That way I could tighten it around the table we put the box on so it'll stay put.I am very much in love with emboidery right now. I'm writing the beginning words of an evening prayer with thread on the front of the coat. The prayer has been very important to me growing up, a safe way to fall asleep. Me and my sister did not fall asleep as children until mother or father prayed with us in the evenings.

I am really proud of the coat; I did not use any pattern, made one up myself, and I thought it through thoroughly, so I did not have to rip anything. The white fabric is something I bought about three years ago but never used. The flowery fabric is a thrifted sheet.

So this is what our baby corner (a part of our bedroom) looks like:
And there I am showing off my belly in the mirror:).



NoJo said...

i like the birdies and the baby bed!

I'm new here and found your blog while looking for some good blogs to read. I just have one entry so far.

Linnestinalund said...

Men det var ju den underbaraste bebissovplats i hela världen! Så snyggt! Och snart får ni träffa den lycklige som skall få sova där :) Mysiga stunder!

totta said...

Oj vilken fin barnkammare er bebis får. Vad duktig & kreativ du är!

malakta maja said...

Så vackert! Fågelmobilen är en absolut favorit, vill du extraknäcka så vet jag ett ställe som gärna skulle sälja dina produkter...
Kram, kram

NoJo said...

RYC- last night was my first night use. it'll be reported upon later today.

Anonymous said...

Spännande tider! Önskar er allt gott!

Kram Johanna & Nicke

Christina said...

Wow, you've been busy :)The mobile is done in such pretty colours.
Great idea with the cot too. Lucky baby!

Tegsta G�rd said...

Väldigt trevlig plats för en bebis att sova, jag tycker om att du broderat början av "Gud som haver..." Nice:)

Stigen hem said...

Tack för din värmande kommentar på min blogg..

Och oj vad du fixar och grejar...mobilen du gjort är ju bara för härlig..

I like.

MalinJohanna said...

Vad snyggt tyget på lådan blev! Jag gillar speciellt fågeln, härligt att det mönstrade tyget går igen i applikationen. Ska komma ihåg den idén och tillämpa vid lämpligt tillfälle. Och lycka till med den nya familjemedlemmen!