Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Modern knitting

I went through old stuff in our garage, in search for cartoon books for a project (more about that later) and found these old knitting magazines I did not remember I had. One mag, the blue one, is called Modern Knitting and it is from 1948:)

More vintage knitting over at Mielitty's blog Viiniä ja villasukkia (= Wine and Woolen Socks). Here you'll find lovely pictures. And the blog owner designs her own sweater patterns taking inspiration from vintage pictures. I am in awe! More of her creations in her gallery.



Ulla said...

My mother still has those magazines and she has geiven some to me (I'm not really a knitter). The knitting patterns are just great, you can make retro or choose different colours and your own overall design to make modern sweaters.

Chamal said...

Grate work fia
am on machanical knitting

lotsa wishes for your kindness