Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter memories

Friday morning; breakfast at home with colored eggs made by me.

Friday evening; cappuccino in my vintage Arabia cups.

Saturday morning; on our way to our traditional Easter Saturday Breakfast with our friends family G. Splendid weather!

Sunday; a quick visit to my husbands grand father. He is restoring a electrical rail way he originally made with his children in the 60's. This is true recycling; old Christmas lights serve as road lights, butter boxes are made into houses, old telephone chargers are soldered and connected to give the whole thing power. The train and wagons are grand vintage, Fleishmann beauties.

Sunday before leaving Kronoby; my mother in law made us granola to take home, very good!

Sunday evening on our way to Vasa; a stop at our friends house, family K. Here me and my friend I is posing with our big bellies, she will give birth to their second child about two months after me. Hooray!


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