Monday, February 18, 2008

Thrifting trip with Maja

Last Friday I finally got to go thrifting. And with a good friend and partner in thrifting crime, for both it is more or less an addiction! Maja has her versionof the trip and pictures of her finds on her blog and here is my story:A lovely red plastic juice press.

I found this baby sweater and remebered I had just one like this when I was a kid. Me and my mom went vintage baby clothing hunting in an old house we use as storage space on Saturday, looking through mine and my sibling's old clothes . Then I found this sweater pictured below, the look-a-like to my thrift find:It was not exactly the same, but as close as it could be. Sadly my old sweater was full of holes and worn out, so no use in reusing it for my baby.

Vintage gift wrapping paper.

This cotton sweater will bevome a pillow case for our sofa.

Lovely leather boots with a zipper in the front. Very comfortable to put on for a pregnant and stiff woman:)

I also thrifted 4 cups and saucers for my mother in law. They were Arabia; Kilta by Kaj Franck. They were calle dKilta before they became Teema, a very popular series of porcelain. Black-brown cup and white saucer, very stylish. My mother in law collects all kinds of Teema items. The picture below is not my photo, cause I did not photograph the cups before giving them away, but this is the Kilta series.

Good day of thrifting:)

Hope you all have a good Monday.

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