Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pink for Valentine's

I am not a very pink person, and I am not a big friend of Valentine's day (as in celebrating), but this year I found some things I wanted from the store, or things I had in my cupboard that happened to be pink. And then there was this thing I made, especially for Valentine's.

Above; a new number of an interior design magazine and tulips.

More tulips and napkins I found in my cupboard; they are a Christmas gift from our mobile network operator:) They've got snowflakes on them but they are pink!

And then this thing I made. I really do not know why (except from getting an idea after reading a craft magazine; recycled and felted sweaters cut in circles and decorated with colorful crochet), but what is the use of it??? This is my dilemma; I do not like making things I don't have any use for. They'll just end up lying in a drawer somewhere in the house. But I think it is quite pretty, and I intended to use it as a pot-holder.

Well, I guess it is only today and then my pink phase will pass (though I had a vision of decorationg the living room with pink accessories for spring...).

Are you pink?



Mamma Millan said...

Yes!!!! I´m PINK!!!!
Välkommen in att fira Alla Hjärtans dag hos min "Nya" blogg...bjuder på hembakta cupcakes!!
Kram Millan

Linnestinalund said...

oooh, vilken underbar grej!!! Känslan du beskriver känner jag verkligen igen när jag tittar in här!
Kram på vändagen!

lisa said...

en viss typ av rosa kan vara väldigt vackert. jag har inte tyckt om färgen alls tidigare men nu ser jag lite framemot att inreda med lite ljus ljus rosa detaljer i sovrummet till våren. Men det ska vara ljus ljus rosa./lisa

Christina said...

Nope, not a pink girlie girl. The only kind of pink I could bear would be a very light pink. Maybe.

Ulla said...

I'm not a pink person but I have one pink T-shirt and yesterday I was wearing a pink (actually gammal rosa) cardigan.
My grandmother has crocheted lace around dozens of little round pieces of cotton material to be used between hand painted dinner plates when they are piled up in a cupboard, to protect the surface. But your idea is great!