Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gift wrapping ideas + recycled cards

Buttons are a favorite of mine, so are old book pages. This is one way of using them.

Another way is to decorate Christmas cards.

But I'll give you an advice, and I learned the hard way; read throught the old pages before using them. Since I did not read them through I sent secret, involuntary messages to my friends and family, since I used pieces of the old pages on my Christmas cards and as gift wrapping. The messages were about hating them, about murder and slaughter and more hideous things. My mother in law got a page with a content not suitable for children, at all. Luckily she found it very amusing and had a good laugh:) But I would like to apologize for the text on cards and gifts, they were not intended to be personal!


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Malakta maja said...

SNYGGT! både med återanvänt till julen och bloggens nya utseende!