Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I thrifted several meters of red ribbons when I visited Seinäjoki recently. I think it is pretty.

A red P I crocheted for my husband. Soon we will sew it onto his big bag.

Red Marimekko napkins, a gift from my mother in aw.

This is the middle peace in the Christmas decoration thrilogy, Tro, Hopp och Kärlek (=Faith, Hope and Love) that we keep in our kitchen window. It is a decoration made in Pietarsaari and is very popular and bears great meaning. You'll see the three peace decoration in most windows in northern Ostrobotnia.

Our exotic ginger bread moulds. I did not bake any ginger bread cookies last Saturday, since my sister had our rolling pin. But she brought it yesterday nd now the dough is calling me from the fridge:), time to act!

A Christmas classic, oranges and cloves. And a red bow.

We have a lot of birds on our yard. And they seem to be hungry, I've made several refills already. I become very happy seeing the beautiful birds visiting our little guest house.

Red berries in an iron plate. In the middle there will be a big white candle.

Red apples from the thrift store.



Ravenhill said...

Your photography is really something! I sure do get inspired by your blog.

Happy new year!

Ravenhill said...

I really like your photographs and the photos you have assembled together here.