Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the 'to do-list' for today

*knit Christmas gifts. This year I only have one thing I need to knit, good on me! Hopefully I will be able to finish that single thng before Christmas.
* drink glögg together with my husband and my sister in law.
* decorate the Christmas tree with all the thrifted goodies I have collected during autumn

My parents brought us a Christmas tree last weekend. It has been standing quite naked, except from the lights, in our livingroom since, but now it will get its holiday garb.

* in the evening I will work some, take care of a big group of young people visiting the church to sing Christmas carrolls.
* I have not still decided if I will go to DooBop Club to listen to my husband playing with Henrik Boldt or not. Henrik is a very talented and expressive singer/song writer, with a lovely voice. But I haven't been at home that much this week, and to just chill in the sofa feels very appealing right now. Let's see what happens.

I hope you have a good and relaxing weekend!

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