Saturday, September 15, 2007

Refashioning a skirt

I'm making a basket from rags made out of a skirt. It is not finished yet, I still want it to be a bit deeper so I will need to find fine cotton fabric in a matching color to cut to rags. I will keep sock in the basket for guests to put on when they visit us this winter.

I can wear it as a hat in case I get bored with the basket thing:)

Husband is in Germany playing gigs with Paddington. He took the camera with him and I miss it. Of course I miss him too!

And now I have used up my first "get out of jail" for my 4-month pledge to Wardrobe Refashion. I desperately needed a autumn coat (Finland is getting cold!), and since I haven't found one thrifting and since I do not have the skills nor the patient to sew my own I bought one. A bit ashamed of where I bought it from, but very pleased with the jacket!

Tonight I will be watching Janis - en rocklegend (=Janis - a rock legend) on Wasa Theater, premiere night. Looking forward to that. On the dress rehearsals yesterday the ensemble got standing ovations from the audience, so I'm expecting the play to be good.

Have a nice Saturday!


Ali said...

that's really cool! does it work with woven fabric as well as knits? And how big is the hook?

teresa said...

I just wanted to say i love listening to your music when I work, study, and specially while I read my book. Thank you for making beautiful music.