Monday, September 10, 2007

Good soup eaten in the sun

Red lentil soup (Röd linssoppa)

a big yellow union cut in smaller peaces
carrots, as many as you wish
salt and pepper
-> fry this together with butter or olive oil, or both

pour over crushed tomatoes with chili flavour, about two cans
(if you wish you can use neutral crushed tomatoes and cut some fresh chili instead)
about a litre of water

now let the soup boil for some minutes, during that time you rinse the lentils in a strainer
after you added the lentils let the soup boil about ten minutes

pour into your favorite soup bowl, put a pat of crème fraîche or smetana (Russian yogurt, thick soured cream) and squeeze a cleft of lemon over the soup. I love to eat the soup with a good bread with cheese. Yummy!

Happy Monday.


Ika said...

Åh, linssoppan, denna ridderliga mat! För vad kallar man annars en maträtt som så ofta räddar en stackars dam i nöd? Billig, lättlagad, tillräckligt snabblagad och mättande. Måste testa att äta den a la Soffa - d.v.s med citron och smetana - någon gång. Skön vecka!

Green Kitchen said...

I've been meaning to comment here because this post inspired me to make this soup. It turned out great and my family ate it all up. Yum!