Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some new old stuff

A nice knitted hoody.

A mega puffy sleeved and flounced shirt, and a folklore belt.

Yes! Back to the 90's, thin hooded jersey shirt. This one is by Nanso. It had shoulder pads that I cut out:)

Folk lore again. Love these kinds of wooven trims.

An absolutely fabulous 80's velvet coat. Perfect for autumn!

Big white plastic ear clips, black and white platic bead necklace and a velvet shirt (velvet seems to be the theme:). Lovely model.


Ika said...

Åh, var har du gjort alla de här fantastiska fynden? Speciellt den svarta blusen var superfin!

monica said...

wow, älskar 80-tals kappan...blir ordentligt avis nu:)snyggaste jag sett på länge. kram/monica

Dava said...

I'm lusting for that coat--and it's in velvet? Lucky find!