Tuesday, August 7, 2007


When we married we received a gift from one of my friends. It was a box full of small magnets with words on them. We had the magnets on our refrigerator door the whole first year we were married and lived in Karis. I loved the messages friends and family left us when they visited.

I nearly finished binding a book back then, but started using it though I did not manage to get the covers on. I documented all the refrigerator poetry in my almost-done book.

I found the book a few days ago, going through our things in the garage, things we haven't taken in for use since we've moved to our house. I like looking through the book, remembering, being awestruck by the genius in the poetry, meditating on the words. Maybe we should put the words up on the refrigerator door again...



Saara said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I often pop in to see what you've been up to; you seem to lead an interesting and wonderfully creative life! I loved the idea of the lemonade below; I'm too lazy to prepare any myself, though.

We used to have the same kind of magnets. People wrote really wonderful poems. The idea to write them down is wonderful, I really wish we had thought about it in time. Maybe we should put them back on the fridge too, and this time have the book ready? What an inspiring idea.

victoriatje said...

Hei, that's a great idea to create a book with all the selfmade "Kühlschrankpoesie"! You make the binding of the book yourself?

Do you know the book of Davy Rothbart yet? (http://www.amazon.de/Absender-unbekannt-Gefundene-Zettel-Mitteilungen/dp/3036952438)
He inspired me to collect all pieces of notes and little letters, that people lost somewhere. And I can tell you: That's fun as well.