Saturday, August 4, 2007


OK, I really like this party, so I decided to stay another 4 months! The last 4 months haven't at all been hard to live through. It is quite easy to live without new manufactured clothes and things, that is things I cannot make myself.

But I do give myself the chance to go thrifting a little too often (since second hand shopping is ok). I once fasted from going thrifting. Since fast is about trying to be without things that you are dependent on for the wrong reasons I did not got to a thrift shop in 40 days. You might think it is funny, but it was serious for me. I did me good:)! Now I feel I would need to go to thrifting rehab again... Well, maybe soon;)

Until then I'll try to make more out of the things I thrift and give out more than I take in! Here are some inspiring ideas:
* summer dress by Teresa Franco
* a fabric shopping bag
* zippered pouch by Erika
* make a flexagon out of paper, from The peace of paper
* do kirigami
* a peronalized pillow case, tutorial by j. caroline design

These ideas of things to make should cover the rest of the vacation!

By the way, Continuum (as written in the title) is a great cd by John Mayer. Go watch and listen: www.johnmayer.com, myspace.com/johnmayer.

Happy, happy.

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