Friday, August 24, 2007

Being high up

On my parent's farm they have a 16 metre tower where they keep grass for the cows to eat during winter. It is exciting going up there, and I hadn't been for some years. But a few weeks back we visited my parents and with shaky legs I climbed up the ladder to be able to see the beautiful views of my home village. Here are pictures to prove I really made the climb!My father's driving his tractor.

The river floating by our farm.

My father, my husband and my mother photographed from blinding heights (zoomed).

My brother, Petter, joining me up in the sky.

Me in the sky and the cows on the ground. Photographed by my brother.

The shadow of the tower pictured from the top of it. The cat taking it slow in the shade.

My shade of me back on the ground.


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teresa said...

I'd love to live in a place like that