Saturday, July 28, 2007

Take out your umbrella

It has truly been a typical northern summer; rain, rain, rain, some sun and then some more rain. Our Strampen Live! terrace gigs have been cancelled six times cause of the rain. Yesterday I got to play my first out of 4. Sun shining all day, beautiful summer day (the way you imagine lovely ideal summer days to be), while I set up the technical equipment on the terrace people gathered to have a nice evening in the sun.

And what happens?! Into my second set it starts pouring. So while I am singing Rihanna's Umbrella in an nice acoustic version, people are fleeing the terrace for shelter and dryness inside the restaurant. I stayed outside and played and sang a little with good friends and then me and my sister went for coffee, chocolate and trivial pursuit at ABC gas station We drove in the rain listening to great music; Ryan Adams, John Mayer, the Killers, Leah Andreone. It was a good end to a nice Friday.

Three more dates booked with Strampen Live!, let us hope for sun. If the weather allows we'll put in some more dates. Incoming Tuesday it is me and Fredrik Furu on the terrace.

Sweet weekend to y'all.

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