Monday, June 25, 2007

Yellow striped top

A long awaited finished project! I think it is a table cloth or a bed sheet I made a summer top out of. The simple version, but very nice, if I may say so myself.

I am in big need of summer tops and since I cannot buy anything newly manufactured (I took my second pledge for wardrobe refashion for 2 months, darn it is a good thing, really do like it!!!) and haven't found that many tops while thrifting I just have to make them myself. But I enjoy that. Especially since I'm successful with my creations. When I mess up I tend to give up and leave it be for a long time...

I adore them buttons I put on the top. Fine vintage buttons "imported from England, mounted in Haiti".
My sister is visiting and coloring her hair in our bathroom.
It has been good Monday!
How have yours been? (This is your chance to let me know you are reading my blog! I often meet people I know that surprise me saying they follow this blog. And I guess there are people I've never even met that pop in. It would be nice to get to know you!)



Anna said...

that top is super-cute! i'm totally going to steal that and try to make one myself... is there a closure in the back, or does it just slide on?

Christina said...

Greetings from a rain sodden Ireland! Been lurking on your site for quite a while and I usually never post on any site, but seeing as though you asked to-day ;)
Love your blog-have you on my feeds,
and just wanted to say that I love your style and the fact that you use and appreciate vintage fabrics, and collect jars of lovely old buttons and such (me too):) well done on the top, it looks gorgeous!

Nic Nac said...

That top is so great! and SO in fashion. Anyway I can ply instructions out of you (I'm just starting out sewing.. rather, I haven't done any in about 15 years.. so very rusty)? I'd love to give it a try myself.

fia lotta jansson said...

hello christina!
nice to get a have a blog-friend in ireland! oh, you are a button passionist as well!:) do you have a blog of your own?
all the best to you for the summer, hopefully there be sun in ireland too. we've had good weather until today, now it pours. but that's ok cause now my flowers won't dry up since I always forget to water them:(

Kara said...

Gorgeous shirt! Just discovered your blog, I'm excited to have a look around.

Ali said...

Your top is adorable and such a lovely summery colour. Cheered my gloomy (Australian) winter day right up :)

Christina said...

Tried to leave a comment last night but thinks my computer has other ideas...
Anyhoo, No I don't have a blog but planning one for soon enough.
All the best for the summer to you too, yeah would be nice if we actually GOT a summer here. :\

62cherry said...

very nice indeed! i love it ;)

boodely said...

Your top looks so fresh and lovely. Nicely done my fellow refashioner!