Thursday, June 7, 2007

Voilá! Le dress!

Finally! I got the pictures into the computer, but not into our PC but into our new mac book. Love it! Incredible design and smart solutions in technique. But a lot of new things to learn, took me a while with the PC to learn the stuff I needed for every day use and those things work a bit differently on the mac. But still, great computer!

So, the dress! An old table cloth (again) and an old sheet (both thrifted not too long ago) had to give for this little beauty. I do like it myself and will definitely wear it.

The bosom's got a 50's feel to it; pointy:)

All right, that's it. Got lots of new ideas I'd like to craft. Eyes on the road and off we go!


Sabina said...

Jag råkade stöta på din blogg när jag surfade. Kul! Jag funderar lite grann på att starta en blogg själv, men jag har lite på känn att det inte blir så mycket skrivet i så fall... :P

Snygg "dress" du gjort :)

Å Mac:ar är lättare än PC när man väl lärt sig, å bättre ;)

Malakta maja said...

Va fin den är! Absolut en klänning att vara stolt över.

Dava said...

Great job on the dress. Welcome to the wonderful world of Macs.

veronica darling said...

I love macs so much more! :)

What pattern did you use for this dress, or did you follow a tutorial online? I love the style, and am always looking for tunic style dresses at the moment!

I love it!


nikkishell said...

I LOVE this! Which pattern did you use?