Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Proceeding in the crafty corner

This is what it looked like:

Now this is the result...:...and it is an everchanging project I guess. There are always new thrift finds that find their way into the shelf. But now everything is in its place! Hooray!

Found this little fellow among the things I brought home from my office before my freeyear started. Instead of an office rat (=kontorsråtta) he is now getting to be what he was meant to be, at least I believe so, a crafty lizzard! Here he is conquering my sewing mashine.

Some studio work ahead today and coffee with the girlfriends of my two brothers in law, I call them my sisters in law, to prove a family point and to make it easier to explain:)

I still have problems with the camera so no new pictures of my projects that I am working on. Button jewellery, knitted shawl and embroidered badges for our coming festival gig with Koju.

Have a nice Tuesday!


Dava said...

Fia--your badges are great! Would you
consider a trade for one? I have lots of vintage buttons, ribbons, etc. It would be fun to get mail from Finland!

fia lotta jansson said...

That would be grand! Let's! I can make up a nice little package for you:) Since I love buttons and ribbons I'm all up for a trade!

Dava said...

Hi Fia--I have some buttons and trim with your name on it! Email me with your address and we can get started! My email is:
davamunn at comcast.net