Sunday, June 10, 2007

crafting in the sun

The weather have been absolutely fabulous for this time of year. On Saturday I was in Helsinki (had a gig in Kauniainen on Friday evening, thank you all who were there for a great night!) strolling peacefully along the streets. I decided to take it slow and that was a very good decision, I would have melted away or fainted if I had stressed in any way. I went to the flee market fair by the Boulevard and found some nice fabrics.

Today Sunday I've been sitting on my porch crocheting. Peacefully again.

I will get my hair cut later today. Next week; studio work for my solo record, TV work with SALT, studio session with hip hopper, recipe book meeting with members from the choir, a wedding and finally I will see Slash with Velvet Revolver at Provinssi Rock Festival. Can't believe that this will happen in only one week.

Big hugs,

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Icebell said...

Aaah, hittade din blogg. Du är bara så DUKTIG på att göra fina saker. Me like.