Monday, May 14, 2007

My own crafty corner

This is what it looked like a few days ago. I finally finished laying the floor in my crafty corner (and was hoovering right before I took the picture...). It is actually a whole room, but "corner" goes better together with "crafty":)

And then I put in the book shelf into my corner. On the floor you can see part of my textiles that have been hiding in a closet for the past 4 years. It is time for them to get som spotlight time, so now I am folding them for show into the shelf. I'll later give you a peep of the result! I feel really happy about finally having my own room where I can organize all my crafty stuff and keep it visible and not having to put it into boxes.

On Saturday I also had time to refashion an old note board. The canvas is an old bed sheet I found at a thrift store some years ago. Pretty satisfied with the result! Here are some "how-I-did-it"-pictures.

Stretch the canvas over the edges, streching from one corner to the crossing one and then streching the sides. Pin right after streching.

Fold the corners and pin.
On the picture above some beautiful vintage buttons are oinned on my note board. They are from Play It Again Sam, a fabulous second hand store in Helsinki (Rauhankatu 2), a must visit if you are in the capital of Finland!

I wish you a good Monday with motivation for the week to come!

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Ika said...

Härligt med eget crafty corner, undertecknad skulle behöva en bostad med dylikt utrymme. Snyggt nytt tyg på anslagstavlan också!